Our toddler program is specially designed with exploration and growth in mind. Toddlers spend the majority of their day busily exploring a carefully planned environment. Our caring and responsive teachers understand that toddlers want to be independent as well as emotionally supported in their daily activities.


Jelly Bean Junction Toddler classrooms follow the Creative Curriculum to plan experiences and environmental changes based on the children’s interests and developing skills. Teachers support toddlers throughout daily routines. Many teaching opportunities arise during everyday toddler events. Arrivals, departures, toilet training, mealtime experiences, nap time, and dressing are guided

with positive praise.


Teachers plan daily experiences that create a love of learning and exploration. Activities include playing with carefully selected toys and equipment. Teachers provide many opportunities for children to imitate and pretend with many familiar props.  Children enjoy daily literature experiences. Art, Music, and Movement are explored without restriction in order to foster the maximum amounts of creativity. Exploration also allows children to work within their own comfort levels. Cooking and sensory play are provided to create a base for pre math and pre reading skills. Toddlers enjoy a variety of active play both inside and outdoors.