Our preschool program is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of children from the ages of 3-5. Preschool children learn best when they are active. Preschool children are curious about the world around them so we encourage them to explore and observe their environment. Our teachers guide the children in meaningful play experiences that help them flourish in all areas of development.


Jelly Bean Junction preschool classrooms follow The Creative Curriculum to plan developmentally appropriate experiences for the children. Teachers develop lesson plans based on the interests and curiosities of children in the classrooms. We also incorporate the Ohio Early Learning Content Standards and the Developmental Continuum from Creative Curriculum to ensure the practice of developmentally appropriate experiences. Teachers guide children’s learning by using open ended questions, investigations, observations, and positive praise.    


Teachers foster learning by providing daily experiences that motivate the children to learn and investigate. Materials are  carefully selected to further guide and motivate children to learn. Children are encouraged to make their


own choices about the different experiences they engage in throughout the day. By giving children the power to make choices we are promoting independence and allowing children to work in their comfort zones.  


Children are given the opportunity to participate in large group, small group, choice time experiences, and outdoor play daily.  During choice time children are exposed to different learning areas: blocks, dramatic play, math, science and discovery, music and movement, library, and writing. The learning areas offer many different opportunities for children to learn through play. Environmental changes are made weekly to the different learning areas in order to guide children’s learning.