Parent Stories

Jelly Bean Junction


Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our son.  I never worried about him and knew he was in a place where he was learning and having fun!  All of you are wonderful and have such an important role in all the kids lives.  I hope that we are able to find an equally good daycare in California.  Thanks again for everything.

Jelly Bean Junction


Jelly Bean Junction Staff Members:

     Let me start by saying that I have truly been blessed to find such a wonderful daycare for my daughter.  Unfortunately, April 29th will be her last day at the center.  We will be moving closer to family.  I have struggled with this decision due to not wanting to leave my job or my daughter's daycare.  As much as I would love to stay in Cincinnati, life is too short to be away from  family.

     I visited five other centers when trying to find the perfect daycare.  I knew right away that Jelly Bean Junction was "The One."  My daughter has been at Jelly Bean Junction since she was 10 weeks old.  As a first time mother, I was scared to death to leave my newborn with strangers, as any mother would be.  I honestly did not think  I was going to be able to handle it her first day there.  I broke down and cried all day at work wondering how she was.  I bothered the staff constantly that day and they were nothing but understanding to me.  After about a week, the staff started to grow on me and I felt completely comfortable leaving my baby there.  It is so important to have a place that you can leave your child for the day and trust that they are taking care of them  the same way you would.  It made my days at work much easier knowing she was safe and happy.  How lucky I was to find that so quickly.  I would highly recommend this center to any parent.

     My daughter has had such an amazing experience here.  Thanks to all of the teachers, she has learned so much.  I can't believe how well they work with the kids.  The Director, Autumn, is always there to help answer all of my questions.  She made my daughters transition from  the infant room  to the toddler room  easy.  Her teachers are more than I could ask for.  Thank you all!! You will be missed dearly!!