Jelly Bean Junction

Bethel Road

To whom it may concern:

     I'm sure you are aware, but I would like to emphasize how incredible the staff are  at the Bethel Road location.  I believe it is location #9.  The director Kevin is always more than pleasant and a wonderful director.  The entire staff have been a dream to deal with.  Today was my two children's last day there and everyone was great.  I hope their wonderful care of all of the children and their excellent attitudes do not go unnoticed.  Thank you for your time.


Jelly Bean Junction

Snouffer Road

Dear Ms. Roby,

     I would like to take a moment to complement you on the high quality of your Snouffer Road center and its' staff.  I had the opportunity to enroll my grandson in the summer camp program.  He had a great summer and the program provided a wide variety of activities.  

     I was impressed with the professionalism of Trish and her staff.  After many years of the daycare experience I was accustomed to constant staff turnover and found it most pleasant to see the same dedicated workers each day.  I was also impressed with the effort extended to keep the center clean and orderly.

     I know that people are quick to contact you with problems and concerns and felt obligated to share my sincere appreciation for a wonderful summer.  I hope to be able to utilize your services next year.