1313 West Ohio Pike

Amelia, OH 45102

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(513) 753-1500

Fax:  (513) 753-5521


Mon-Friday 6am-6pm

Center Director:

Danielle Whoberry-Stephens

We currently transport to Amelia Elementary, Merwin Elementary, and Holly Hill Elementary.We are also able to transport to Locust Corner Elementary School and St. Bernadette.

During the summer time our school age children enjoy the summer camp program filled with educational visitors and a wide variety of field trips.

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Welcome to Jelly Bean Junction Amelia!

We are a top-quality Child Care center, conveniently located at 1313 West Ohio Pike. We want you to know that caring for your children is a responsibility and privilege that we take very seriously. We are one of the few day care centers in Amelia that participates in the Step Up To Quality Initiative. We are a two star day care center, which means lower class sizes more individualized learning for your children. This is extremely important when considering options for your child's for pre school education. Children that have developed a special bond with their teachers have a wonderful opportunity to grow, learn and develop in a warm, safe and loving environment. Our child care center provides this environment.


Our staff is exceptional! It is our goal to achieve a “home away from home” type atmosphere for our families. When you walk into our day care center, you are immediately welcomed with a genuine greeting that lets you know that we are so honored that  you have chosen us to be that important extension of your family. We know there are many options available when it comes to who you choose to care for your children. Knowing that, we want you to know that when your children are here they will be loved, nurtured and cared for with kindness, compassion and true desire to make a difference in their lives. We want you to know that without a second thought, you can go about your day doing what you need to do without wondering how they are doing. Because you will have the confidence in knowing that your children are in the very best care. Period!


   We offer an outstanding summer camp program for your kindergartener and above. Our Summer Program provides wonderful opportunities within their community to participate in fun and educational activities and outings. These activities and outings are geared to provide a challenging and stimulating time, which year after year, children rave about. Parents can rest assured that their children are safe, having fun in a rich, learning environment.


Please call us to schedule a tour at your conveniece. You may also simply stop by our child care center at any time. Our open door policy pertains to everyone. We are very proud of our child care center and greatly appreciate this important decision that you make in serving your child care needs. Thank you for the opportunity to welcome you into the “Family”.

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